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INTERNET RISING documentary film

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INTERNET RISING documentary film

Published November 29, 2011

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INTERNET RISING is a digi-documentary investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity. It provokes many questions about ancient and modern paradoxes of life, its pleasures and pains... and the gray area contrasts in between - but most of all it is meant to be an inspiring conversation starter; a launchpad for future remixes of a collective search for some meaning/mindfulness. It is also spiced with a bit of humorous satire to give our *overloaded* BIG DATA _information_ dump() brains a little break from the daily race (8

INTERNET RISING is a labor of love comprising a rapid fire mash-up stream of live webcam interviews all conducted within the web sphere. The film's participants include many profound personalities and key internet influencers ranging from professors, corporate academics, futurists, researchers, writers, bloggers, media creators, activists, gamers, educators, scientists, artists, innovators - real humans, all of whom provide amazing insights into how our state of the world is changing and transforming via various forces of economic, social, geographic, political, cultural, philosophical development... all centered around technology's transformative and generative power.

Run time 53 minutes 3 seconds
Producer Andrew Kenneth Martin, Marina Eisen, Alex Eisen
Production Company metafiction
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English, Spanish, Russian
Contact Information OFFICIAL WEBSITE:


In order of appearance
All the ‘lower third’ credits in the film were included exactly as the participants provided them

Jon "maddog" Hall
President, Linux International

Vinton G. Cerf
Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

David Weinberger
Senior Researcher, Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Howard Rheingold

Professor Terrell Ward Bynum
Director, Research Center on Computing and Society
Southern Connecticut State University

Marina Gorbis
Executive Director, Institute for the Future

Carlos Mantilla
Web Designer / CEO

Michael Chorost
Author, "World Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humans, Machines, and the Internet"

Tiffany Shlain
Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

Jamie Janover
Emissary for

Giordano Nanni
co-writer/creator, TheJuiceMedia Rap News

Hugo Farrant
co-writer/creator, TheJuiceMedia Rap News

Richard Esguerra
Senior Activist, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Douglas Rushkoff
Author, Program or Be Programmed

Jason Silva
Media Personality / Futurist / Philosopher
Fellow at the Hybrid Realities Institute
twitter: jason_silva

Dr. Kimberly Young
Founder and President
The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery
Author of Caught in the Net - the first book on Internet addiction recovery

Devil's Advocate, Anonymous
Speaking only for himself - and any who happen to share his views.

Sean M. Bodmer
Sr. Threat Intelligence Analyst, Damballa, Inc.

ze frank
founder ::

Andrew Keen
The antichrist of Silicon Valley

Paul Strassmann
Professor for Information Sciences
George Mason University

Joe Grand
Electrical Engineer & Hardware Hacker
Grand Idea Studio

Kenneth Geers
U.S. Representative, NATO Cyber Centre in Estonia

Dr. Roger Nelson
Founder and Director, Global Consciousness Project
Princeton University, Retired

Nikola Danaylov
Singularitarian Infopreneur & Blogger

Dr. Michael Laitman
Professor of Ontology, Bio-Cybernetics & Kabbalah

James Jorasch
Founder and CEO, Science House

Luciano Floridi
Professor of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire and University of Oxford
UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics

Lio Spiegler
Creative Director/Copywriter

Ben Goertzel
CEO / Novamente LLC

Navi Reshet
Internet Prophet

Second Life citizen

Rita J. King
Executive Vice President, Science House
Resident Futurist, National Institute for Aerospace

Kevin Kelly
Senior Maverick, Wired

Kosta Grammatis
Founder and CEO,


directed by
A.K. martin

co-written by
alex eisen & A.K. Martin

co-produced by
marina eisen & A.K. Martin

edited by
A.K. Martin & alex eisen

interviews by
A.K. Martin & alex eisen

assistant co-editor
marina eisen

sound by

Used Footage Credits - Thank You

Your Roadmap to the Internet via the Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Department of Transportation
Footage Of Egyptian Protests - Aljazeeraasset
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Make Me Famous Biatch - ShaunSamuelTV
Wild River Dance Previews - International Rivers
InfoWar - Paul A Strassmann George Mason University
Logic By Machine - Preligner Archive
Communication Primer - Preligner Archive
The Juice Media Rap News Episode #7 written by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni
Who is Anonymous - Anonymous
Century Gothic - Beeple
WikiLeaks Raw Us Apache Footage - US Military
Epic Fail Long Boarding Wreck at Night - Tjbiggles
The Juice Media Rap News Episode #4 - written by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni
Preserving a Free and Open Internet - FCC
Black Ops Worlds Biggest Fail - The Kiaat Center
Short Excerpt 01 - Daniel Karlsson
Digital Paradox - Eube Ilycode
Nodes - Beetle
Internet Map - Mattt Brit
Information M - Preligner Archive

Used Music Thank You

Glitch_08 Jeniusjelinek Suonho
Dubstep Projeckt - Cnbeats
Creatura SubterraEP - Nocturna
Lay-By - Ethan Hein
El Internet - Los Alguiens
11 Distdust - CS
09 Win386.swp - CS
Untitled #2 - Lukechesser
16 pagefile.sys - CS
I Dunno - Grapes
Black Forest - Black World Reality - Blacklab
Swallowed By Shadows - Sebastain Gil
Peirre Point’s Eptiaph - BpOLar
Summer Time Noise - The Mad Professor
Silence Await - CDK
1 Departure - Ghostpocalypse - Kevin Macleod
Remix - Gamera
Virtual Choir - Eric Whitacre

Special Thanks to everyone for your support. You know who you are :)

* COPYRIGHT 2011 MetaFiction Inc

* Creative Commons BY NC ND


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